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In 1876, the first Big Elk Creek Church was built.  Services were conducted in Norwegian and in a different format than we use today.



Big Elk Creek Church

Barum Church

In 1887, Big Elk Creek became a part of the Chippewa Falls Parish.  This continued until 1918 when Big Elk Creek Church, Barum, and Elk Mound formed a new parish.  Then in 1969 at the suggestion of the District Office on Reorganization, a new parish was formed consisting of Big Elk Creek and Barum, which is our current parish organization at this time.

Our first church was struck by lightening in 1914 and burned.  Rescued from the flames were the pews, alter silver, organ, and the baptismal font.  The church was rebuilt in 1915 and dedicated in 1916. 

In 1917, a pipe organ was purchased and shipped by rail to Elk Mound and then transported by the church by wagon.

By 1925, some services were conducted in English, and by 1929, both languages were used equally.  It was not until 1933 that business meetings were conducted in English.

Over the years church membership grew as well as a wide variety of nationalities within the church.  An addition was added to BECC and dedicated on May2, 1971.  Currently are church consists of 509 baptized members.  We are led in ministry by Reverend Hal A. Schroetter.

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